3 Ways to Cure a Gout Attack

The Gout Code Review

If you happen to be in the 35 and above age bracket, the worst thing that can happen to you is to be afflicted with gout. In fact, it is one of the most painful, intolerable health conditions that can strike any adult. The saving grace is that it can be treated and cured if you adopt the right remedy. “The Gout Code” shows you how to manage this condition and achieve pain relief by adopting natural home remedies.

The Gout Code” is a guide to an easy understanding of what gout is all about, its causes and symptoms as well as what you can actually do about it to get instant, long-lasting relief from the pain. Of course, the most important is  how to get rid of gout for good.

How Does the The Gout Code Works for you?

For no clear reason, research into gout has neither been exhaustive or extensive, such that no medical expert or group has been able to accurately pinpoint the real causes of gout. Several factors however, have been observed to lead to gout affliction. As gleaned from “The Gout Code”, these are:

Genetics – Families, who have had previous encounters with gout, run the risk of their children contracting this condition too.

Age and gender – Findings pointed that gout occurs more commonly in men than women and generally more often among adults than children.

Weight – If you are obese or overweight, the risk of you getting gout is higher versus those with normal weight. This has to do with your excess weight possibly leading to a higher production of uric acid.

Diet – Eating too much food with purine content such as beef kidneys, dried beans and peas, liver, mackerel, sardines, anchovies can cause or aggravate gout.

Alcohol – Too much intake of alcohol also leads to gout. Alcohol has been found to help in preventing the body from removing or eliminating uric acid, the prime cause of gout.

Other health conditions – If you are suffering from some kind of a kidney dysfunction which makes it unable to eliminate waste, or if you are hypertensive or have an under-active gland, these sensitive health conditions can likewise expose you to a higher risk of getting afflicted with gout.