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Fat Metrix System Review

Are you sick of weight loss products that never produced any results for you? Have you ever wondered why you are never able to shed the pounds despite a good diet plan? Studies have shown that people with similar weights and age groups respond differently to a set fitness regime.

Some people manage to lose weight quickly whilst other people don’t notice any results. There are probably various factors accounting for this, including their genetic makeup, compliance with their regime, environmental factors etc. Fat Metrix System is a book written by fitness enthusiast Rome who is an expert nutritionist with a background in biology and human physiology. It focuses on one major factor that has been overlooked by many other researchers and that is your gut bacteria.

What is Fat Metrix System?

Fat Metrix System Plan is divided into different manuals each covering a topic concerning weight loss together with an introduction manual. This manual breaks down the idea behind the 3 Week program, showing how it works and also helps clear out some tricky diet concepts such as metabolism and the food pyramid.

Introduction manual forms a significant fraction of the program, in that it comprises 3 phases, each phase being a week long hence the title, Fat Metrix System Program. Once you commence, the program will guide you on what to take each day, how much to eat, and also when to eat. It specifically lists down the food type to consume in order to maximize your body’s fat burning potential. It also has a list of foods to be avoided; ones that inhibit the fat burning process. This plan guarantees that within a week, you should realize a weight loss of up to 10 pounds.

There is an additional section to help you calculate your fat percentage versus your lean body mass so that you can adjust your quick weight loss program based on body type. Another section is based on the exercise component as covered in the workout manual; it is mainly about Kettlebell workouts and body weight exercises. You will not need any gym equipment or weights for this because there are 4 different body workout routines to help burn fat and build muscle.

Mindset and motivation manual comprises easy goal-setting basics which includes keeping a journal.